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                Global trends in the demand and supply of energy and power require constant improvement of technologies and service.
                At the same time,projects are intrinsically complex in terms of engineering,economics,health,safety and environment.In addition to the technical and business expertise,trust and dedication become all-important pillars of success.
                And as SHIRO,as excellent of manufacture of advanced industrial ventilator,
                founded by the genius of year's international experiences of engineering and management,combined with innovative R&D,excellent in product design,maximum lifetime value,competence and strengths,SHIRO's product portfolio is achieved the winning performance to get-ahead and stay there.
                Optimized external rotor motor technology provides the basis for security and availability.
                Take advantage of our international experience in the development of variety of standard models in terms of fans design,performance range and construction.
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                Shiro Motor (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
                Address: Building 1, No.357, Kun Gang Road, Songjiang District, Shanghai
                P.R. China 201614
                Tel: (+86-21)57669718
                Fax: (+86-21)57669719
                As SHIRO established, we target to provide high-end quality fans and excellent service. Our philosophy has been widely accepted by customer and our products quality also proved in different application.

                © Copyright Shiro Motor (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
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