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                SHIRO fans have wide application in industrial heating device, in close cooperation with leading manufacturers, we are constantly working to make modern heating more powerful and economical. Our experienced engineers work closely with customer at the begin of development, providing our solution and suggestion which allowing the optimum combination of performance, size cost-effectiveness to be attained.
                Gas and oil heaters, solid fuel burners, thermal storage heating stoves, fuel cells , fan heaters, mobile heat generators and heat pumps.

                Axial Fan: compact design, easy for installation and maintenance, wide application.

                Single Inlet fan: external rotor motor, compact design, easy for installation and maintenance.

                Axial fan — AL Design
                Available in two air flow directions, different blade angles and external rotor motor.
                Axial fan — AL Design
                From 630 to 800 mm, aluminum sheet metal impeller, available in both air flow directions and external rotor motor.
                Axial fan — AW Design
                Paddle blade, sickle blade, driven by motor, applied in the industrial ventilation.
                Centrifugal fansingle inlet — RSFA Design
                The forward curved blade, high static pressure, external rotor motor, easy for installation and maintenance.
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                As SHIRO established, we target to provide high-end quality fans and excellent service. Our philosophy has been widely accepted by customer and our products quality also proved in different application.

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