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                SHIRO : Your Strategic Partner
                Rail Technology
                Ventilation systems have become an essential part of transport technology. In this system, low noise performance, space and energy saving and long service of life are the most important factors. Products from SHIRO, a renowned engineering partner and manufacturer of motors and fans solutions for rail technology, have been in using for long time.
                Electronics cooling, driver's cab and passenger climate system, generator and engine dissipating heat, power steering and auxiliary system.

                Centrifugal Fan Backward: external rotor motor, aluminum sheet metal, high air flow, high efficiency.

                Total Solution: ready-to-install series, reduce the risk caused by customer in process of assembling.

                Double Inlet fan: external rotor motor, centrifugal forward curved, high increase in static pressure.

                Axial Fan: compact design, easy for installation and maintenance, wide application.
                Centrifugal Fan Backward Curved — RHA Design
                compact structure, external rotor motor, energy saving with outstanding efficiency.
                Centrifugal Fan Backward Curved — RMBA Design(Total Solution)
                Total solution for customer, ready-to-install series, performance curves correspond to the respective RHA types.
                Centrifugal Fan Forward Curved Double Inlet — Metric RDFA Design / Inch RDFZ Design
                High increase in static pressure, external rotor motor, high efficiency, low noise level.
                Axial fan — AH Design
                Outstanding efficiency and low noise level, available in both air flow directions, different blade angles, external rotor motor.
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                Shiro Motor (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
                Address: Building 1, No.357, Kun Gang Road, Songjiang District, Shanghai
                P.R. China 201614
                Tel: (+86-21)57669718
                Fax: (+86-21)57669719
                As SHIRO established, we target to provide high-end quality fans and excellent service. Our philosophy has been widely accepted by customer and our products quality also proved in different application.

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