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                SHIRO : Your Strategic Partner

                Renewable Energy
                It is now a well-known fact that fossil fuel supplies will run out and that the future lies in renewable, environmentally-friendly energy. With last decade’s explosive growth, China total installed capacity has become No.1 in
                the world. Subject to the monopoly of control technology, most of our partners oriented on cost minimization and localization for more competitive market positioning. SHIRO is a competent consulting partner in cooling and recirculation fields. 
                Wind power has high requirements on fans quality. SHIRO fans are used in generator cooling, cabinet air exchange, tower ventilation and other places. We provide one-stop and innovative solution, our effort have brought great change to this industry which can save a lot cost meanwhile ensure a better quality. In the field of photovoltaic and solar energy, we have the same outstanding performance.
                Wind power, photovoltaic and solar energy, wind Turbine, wind power nacelle, wind power converter, solar Inverter, charging Pile.


                Project Fan: external rotor motor driven or standard motor, easy for installation, widely applied in the industrial ventilation.

                Customized Solution: we provide our customer with one-stop and innovative solution.

                Centrifugal Fan Backward: external rotor motor, aluminum sheet metal, high air flow, high efficiency.

                Axial Fan: compact design, easy for installation and maintenance, wide application.

                Single Inlet fan: external rotor motor, compact design, easy for installation and maintenance.

                Double Inlet fan: external rotor motor, centrifugal forward curved, high increase in static pressure. 
                Project Fan — NSBB Design
                Standard motor, double, high efficiency, single inlet, backward curved blade, high air flow. 
                Customized Solution
                Giving customers the greatest possible benefits of reliability and performance meanwhile reduce customer cost. 
                Centrifugal Fan Backward Curved — RHA Design
                compact structure, external rotor motor, energy saving with outstanding efficiency. 
                Axial Fan — AW Design
                Paddle blade, sickle blade, driven by motor, applied in the industrial ventilation.
                Centrifugal Fan Single Inlet — RSFA Design
                The forward curved blade, high static pressure, external rotor motor, easy for installation and maintenance.
                Centrifugal Fan Single Inlet — RSBA Design
                The backward curved blade, large air flow, external rotor motor, easy for installation and maintenance.
                Centrifugal Fan Forward Curved Double Inlet — Metric RDFA Design / Inch RDFZ Design
                High increase in static pressure, external rotor motor, high efficiency, low noise level.
                Axial fan — AL Design
                Available in two air flow directions, different blade angles and external rotor motor.
                Copyright Notice
                Shiro Motor (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
                Address: Building 1, No.357, Kun Gang Road, Songjiang District, Shanghai
                P.R. China 201614
                Tel: (+86-21)57669718
                Fax: (+86-21)57669719
                As SHIRO established, we target to provide high-end quality fans and excellent service. Our philosophy has been widely accepted by customer and our products quality also proved in different application.

                © Copyright Shiro Motor (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
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