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                These series products are with high efficiency, low noise level and high air flow. Easy for installation.
                External rotor motor driven or standard motor driven available. Air flow is up to 100000m3/h, max static pressure up to 2500Pa, widely applied in the industrial ventilation.
                RSBD Series
                RSBD Series
                Centrifugal;Backward; Impeller:400—560mm; Max air flow:25000CMH; Max static pressure:1000Pa.
                NHBA Series
                NHBA Series
                Centrifugal;Backward; Impeller:280—630mm; Max air flow:25000CMH; Max static pressure:1500Pa.
                CHBA Series
                CHBA Series
                Case unit; Impeller:280—630mm; Max air flow:13000CMH; Max static pressure:1000Pa.

                ·Driven by standard motor

                ·High efficiency, low noise

                ·Easy to installation and maintenance

                ·Ventilation, air conditioning, cooling for wind power

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